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table-yellow-lightSince its establishment in 1980, Cloth Connection has been a leader in the specialty table linen rental industry, and it brings its celebrated services to New Orleans. Known for unique styles, exclusive fabrics, and outstanding customer service, Cloth Connection is well-equipped to enhance the diverse array of events in New Orleans, from elegant weddings in the French Quarter to major corporate functions.

In New Orleans, a city with a rich tapestry of history and culture, Cloth Connection offers an extensive selection of table linens, chair treatments, napkins, and accessories.

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Each product is carefully chosen to complement the local charm and sophistication of the city’s events, ensuring that every occasion is marked by style and refinement.

Our linens, known for their high quality and distinctive designs, are selected to meet the unique demands of New Orleans’ vibrant event scene. We provide flexible and reliable service, including fast delivery options like same-day and next-morning, to accommodate the city’s dynamic event schedules.



Cloth Connection’s vast inventory is capable of outfitting both grand and intimate events, showcasing our ability to adapt to the varying scales and styles of New Orleans’ gatherings.

We also offer custom linen manufacturing and fabric sourcing for those seeking tailored event aesthetics, ensuring a perfect fit for each event’s theme.

Our rental process is streamlined and efficient, featuring electronic signature reservations, thorough order tracking, and straightforward return services, making the experience seamless for our clients in New Orleans.

Partnering with Cloth Connection means ensuring that your event in New Orleans is adorned with elegance and executed with precision, reflecting the city’s storied culture and vibrant spirit.

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Known as the best source for linen rentals across the U.S.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made durable enough for eating, drinking, and general use.

What Our Customers Say...

Carly Steet Mathias United States
AMAZING is what I would describe the options Cloth Connection offers!!!! Not only do they have about every color, material, and type of fabric ever, but they are incredibly easy to work with.
Billi Nelson United States
The fabrics let you know there is a lavish selection to choose from. When looking at the photos used for presentation purposes there is definitely a WOW factor in their setup selections.
Phyllis Kuteron United States
I both use and recommend Cloth Connection linens at Kooters Creekside Campground in Brooklyn Michigan! The staff is professional efficient and courteous!

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