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park-chairSince 1980, Cloth Connection has been at the forefront of the table linen rental game in San Francisco, known for our standout linens and exceptional service. We’ve earned our stripes in the Bay Area’s event circuit, catering to everything from upscale tech galas to intimate winery weddings.

San Francisco’s eclectic and vibrant event scene is the perfect playground for our diverse range of table linens, chair covers, napkins, and accessories.






We’re all about enhancing the unique vibe of each event, ensuring your venue looks top-notch, whether it’s an elegant fundraiser or a casual corporate retreat.

Our collection features high-quality, often exclusive fabrics that bring a dash of sophistication and uniqueness to your event. Fast-paced and ever-changing, the San Francisco event landscape demands quick and reliable service, which is why we offer rapid delivery options, including same-day service, to meet those last-minute needs.




Big event or small, we’ve got the inventory and the know-how to handle them all, even stretching across multiple cities for those larger-than-life events. Looking for something custom? We’ve got you covered with tailor-made linens and specialized fabric sourcing to fit your event’s theme to a tee.

Our rental process is simple and user-friendly, with electronic signing for hassle-free reservations, straightforward order tracking, and easy returns. For event planners in San Francisco, choosing Cloth Connection means opting for a partner that brings both quality and flair to the table, ensuring your event is not just an occasion, but a memorable experience.

Why Choose Us

Known as the best source for linen rentals across the U.S.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made durable enough for eating, drinking, and general use.

What Our Customers Say...

Carly Steet Mathias United States
AMAZING is what I would describe the options Cloth Connection offers!!!! Not only do they have about every color, material, and type of fabric ever, but they are incredibly easy to work with.
Billi Nelson United States
The fabrics let you know there is a lavish selection to choose from. When looking at the photos used for presentation purposes there is definitely a WOW factor in their setup selections.
Phyllis Kuteron United States
I both use and recommend Cloth Connection linens at Kooters Creekside Campground in Brooklyn Michigan! The staff is professional efficient and courteous!

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